Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Quick Start Guide for Keelung!
This guide is designed to help you jump straight into Keelung, regardless of your prior experience. We have outlined three simple paths to help you get started quickly: using the Keelung Playground, setting up a local environment, or taking a quick tour if you're not yet ready to dive into coding.

Start with Keelung Playground

Keelung Playground is provided via GitHub Codespaces, which is a powerful, cloud-based development environment that allows you to start coding without any setup required. It's a perfect solution for those who want to quickly try out our programming language without the hassle of installation and configuration.
To get started with Keelung Playground, follow the section below:

Local Environment Installation

If you prefer working on your local machine and want to deep dive into Keelung, you can install the required tools and set up a local environment. This provides you with greater control and flexibility, allowing you to customize your development experience.
Follow the steps below to set up a local environment:

Take a Quick Tour

If you're new to programming or just want to explore the features of our programming language without diving into coding, a quick tour is a great way to get started. The tour will provide you with an overview of the language's syntax, features, and best practices, giving you a solid foundation to build upon when you're ready to start coding.
To take the quick tour, visit the section below:
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