Starting a Keelung project from scratch

The instructions for writing Keelung from scratch

This page is for those who want to setup a fresh Keelung project.

Please visit Installation for step-by-step instructions if you haven't installed Keelung.


The language is simply a Haskell package called keelung and can be installed via Stack.

Install via Stack

If you are using Stack, you can also add keelung as a dependency by editing both package.yaml and stack.yaml like this:

  - base
  - keelung # add 'keelung' here
extra-deps: # add 'galois-field' and 'keelung' here
- git:
  commit: d7d0da6b5df8045afdfb820ba8d08f34dc4c3e58
- git:
  commit: 930c265d6fa0ccfbce6aad473b7396a250ddb0d1

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