A NIST compliant post-quantum blockchain scaling solution

What is PQScale?

PQScale is a scaling technique for post-quantum digital signatures. A major drawback of adopting post-quantum cryptographic algorithms is dealing with their larger size when compared to their pre-quantum counterparts. PQScale significantly lowers the overhead of working with NIST standardized post-quantum digital signature algorithms by aggregating several independent signatures into an aggregate signature.

Post-Quantum Secure

PQScale works by aggregating several independent Falcon digital signatures. Our method of signature aggregation is generalizable to other lattice-based cryptosystems, such a Dilithium.

Reduction Ratio

PQScale service compresses NIST-approved Falcon digital signatures into an aggregate signature. The compression ratio of PQScale improves as the number of signatures being aggregated increases. This means that more space is saved with the more signatures included in an aggregate signature.

API Accessible

PQScale provides remote access with our RESTful API. In the following sections, you'll find all the documentation you need to get up and running with the PQScale APIs.

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