The Keelung Playground

We acknowledge that setting up a Haskell environment is not common and can be frustrated, if you just want to take a quick glimpse at Keelung, we have provided a playgroud with the help of GitHub Codespaces!

Starting a Codespace

If you have a GitHub account, you can go to our Keelung examples repository and start a Codespace environment, it's been pre-built with a fully working Visual Studio Code editor, shell access to the base Ubuntu Linux, the Keelung compiler, Aurora prover and verifier, so all examples in this tutorial can be carried out on it.
GitHub Codespaces provides free usage for all personal accounts. To start a codespace pre-built with Keelung, click on the Code button on the repository page and you are ready to go.
Right after starting, it might takes a while to download and setup editor extensions, you can choose to follow it's recommendations and install Haskell Language Server via GHCup, HLS provides handy functionalities such as code navigation and type hints, or you can choose not to install it if you don't need it right away.

Running Examples

Type stack repl in the terminal emulator to start a REPL. See Hello World and all examples in it should run smoothly, including invoking the Aurora prover and verifier.
GitHub Codespaces has limited performance, and the Keelung compiler, Aurora prover and verifier on our image are invoked with Docker, so everything runs much slower than it does in local environments.
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